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In my view .... Attacking in Soccer - Players "On" and "Off" the ball


About Team Leadership


Wearing the captain’s band - Oakleigh Cannons FC -

Player Leadership & what it truly means ... 




About Forming a Circle of Trust


Forming a Player Circle & what it truly means when this is done...

"The Good, the bad and the ugly..."

Player Leadership & what it truly means ... 

The Good:- When a team gets together and huddles up forming a team circle placing their arms together... they are forming a "united" symbol "binding" the team together as one.. An infinite symbol of trust amongst the group.

What is said within the boundaries of this "circle of trust" by the leadership group applies to the whole team and not just to the leadership group itself..

When you form a circle, each arm touches another arm joining and forming a solid chain. A trust symbols. This means what is said within this circle is passed on to and radiates to all and it does not stay with the person who says it.



It is critical that the message passed on to the team is good, positive and in the best interests of the club- with the "club emblem" always paramount and protected. The message spoken is now the responsibility and accountability of all - it has now been passed on and belongs to all within this circle regardless of who said it and who did not.

The "bad & "ugly":- Sometimes players use this opportunity and form this symbol to air their frustration against another player, or a coach, maybe a support staff member or club emblem itself.

Players must realize the difference between the good and the ugly and report anything that goes against the emblem to the proper authority. If you say nothing and do not report the negative things said within the circle, then you are also accountable.