Oakleigh Cannons FC

MiniRoos & NPLV Fair Play Policy:-

At Oakleigh Cannons FC we aim to give all players a minimum of 50% game time over the course of the season.

Coaches fully understand that all players want to play as much as possible.

When players are rotated off they must remain positive and not drop their heads when taken off as this directly affects the positive culture that we have created within the teams at Oakleigh cannons.

Our clubs Fair Play Policy:-

If all is “equal”


- A commitment by players to try their best and at all times.

- Play to the best of their ability.

- Prepare themselves physically and mentally.

- Demonstrate commitment to the team by maximising attendance at training.

- Behaving at all times with respect to his/her team mates/coaches/team manager/parents/technical director/support staff and all other people in our community.

Then: - The commitment by the coach is to:-

- A player must play in the 1st half and again in the 2nd half;

- When you tally up the game time of the player; it must not be less than half a game;

Over the course of the year player who play half games will get full games and vice versa.

This is left up to the head coaches’ discretion.

However if it is “not equal” then it is left up to the head coaches discretion regarding the amount of time a player gets on match day.



Oakleigh Cannons FC - Technical Director