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Oakleigh Cannons FC &

Chisholm United FC

MiniRoos (U5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12's)

Important Message

NPLV (U13/14/15/16's)

Important Message

Training will Resume Monday June 1

There will be allocated training times & ground spacing.

Trainings will be held out of our Jack Edwards &

Scotchmans creek reserves with distancing measures

in place 7 days a week.

Each coach & Team Manager will receive

confirmation of their roster soon.

Training will Resume Monday June 1

Dedicated Venue:

Scothmans Run Reserve

Estelle Street, Oakleigh

U13/U15's = Start 6:00pm to 7:20pm

U14/U16's = Start 7:30pm to 8:50pm

Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

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(Date of Message: 18/05/2020
(Date of Message: 18/05/202
Restrictions Stage 1 Covid-19 Rules:-
  • At this stage we are restricted to 1 coach & up to 10 players per group. (Only players & staff on grounds). If you have more players, you will need to have an assistant coach in place to be able to split the group. (It might change by the 1st June)
  • Players will need to keep distancing measures & strictly no head butting or handling the balls with their hands.
  • All balls are to be sanitised before & after each session.
  • Each team will be supplied with sanitiser so coaches & players can utilise before & after sessions.
  • There will be only one toilet unlocked for use at each venue & it will also contain a bottle of sanitiser. All pavilions,& change rooms will be locked & out of use.
  • Players are not to share water bottles, make hand contact with each other & will need to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters in reference to the placement of their bags & belongings during training.
  • If bibs are worn, each player is to take home & wash.
  • Parents attending the ground are only to remain around their teams allocated training space & at a distance to the team.
  • Congregating before & after each session is not permitted.





Season 2019

Team Name: U9's Brian M


FFANumber   FirstName   LastName
83683250 Bailey Macnicol
84470145 Blake Potter
83500975 Brando Ciccarelli
85009983 Ibrahim Featherston
83771147 Jett Maye-Powell
10396338 Link Duncan
84990589 Mehran Ehsani
10388221 Nigel Felix
83249193 Sebastian Filice
81485583 Tom Martino

Team Name: U9's Frank E


FFANumber   FirstName   LastName
10348364 Alex Xue
10468770 Archie Zoppos
81238453 Domenic Puliafito
10488444 Eden Eminovski
10338065 Jason Zou
10413664 Nicolas Di Iorio
83464420 Panayoti Katavolos
82392671 Theodore Lygoyris
83656462 Xavier Phillips
80767619 Zane Christopoulos


Team Name: U9's John K


FFANumber   FirstName   LastName
83886556   Art   Ntentis
10328753   Jasper   Bombos
84808708   Leonardo   Galanis
84563204   Max   Rizzon
84684422   Maximus   Da Campo
10529361   Nicholas   Kourtis
10211832   Oliver   Cooney
80769375   Peter   Zaparas
84556679   Roy   Nikolopoulos
10570928   Theo   Karaparidis
84506641   Xavier   Sammut
10412098   Yenuth   Premaratne
10584271   Zachary   Kolivas