U14 George G/ Harry K

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Co / Head Coach

George Ghanakas

FFA Number: 10765366

Email:  ghanakas@gmail.com

Working with Kids:1785992A-01

Coaching License:

Skill Aquisition Cert

AFC "C" License (In-Progress)

Mobile:0401 476 537

Co / Head Coach

Harry Kotsinadelis

FFA Number:  80294804

Email:  hkotsinadelis@gmail.com

Working with Kids: 1062544A-01

Coaching License: Skill Aquisition Cert

Coaching License: Game Training Cert

Mobile :0488 528 024


Team Manager:


FFA Number: 10169222

Email:  Jennifer.Makarovski@gmail.com

Working with Kids: 1685295a-01

Mobile: 0414 522 323