FV Football Victoria - Community Leagues

Season 2024

U14/15/16's - Juniors

Point of Contact: John "Kokki" Kostopoulos 0449 252 169

Head Coach:

James Kostopoulos


0422 748 881

Coach: Jim T
Coach: Peter K
Coach: James K
Season Fees: $1280.00 (Inl GST)
Season Fees: $1280.00 (Inl GST)
Season Fees: $1280.00 (Inl GST)




NPLV - Important Information - Season 2024

*Coaching Appointments*

NPLV U14's

U14 Head Coach

George Ghanakas

0401 476 537

U14 Assistant Coach

John "Kokki" Kostopoulos

0449 252 169

NPLV U15's

U15 Head Coach:

Jara Dedic

0402 733 904

U15 Assistant Coach

George Pantelidis

0400 100 453

NPLV U16's

U16 Head Coach

Peter Panagiotou

0411 770 626

U16 Assistant Coach

Evan Panagiotou

0447 530 899

NPLV U18's

U18 Head Coach

Tass Koutsikos

0414 335 493

U18 Assistant Coach

Costa Arvanitis

0437 822 250

Vacancy Board


Vacancy Board


Vacancy Board


Vacancy Board


Season 2024 Fees.

Football Victoria has announced that the fees for NPL Juniors and Youth teams will no longer be capped and will now be open.

Oakleigh Cannons FC fees for Season 2024 will be as follows: Registration fee $2,800 + GST totaling $3,080.00. In addition the Summer Program scheduled for November, December and January will cost a further $300 + GST.




NPLV Juniors - Summer Program

*Practice Matches Schedule & Kick off times*

Please Note:

The Melbourne Victory & Melbourne City games are tentative bookings




TSS(F) - Team Support System (Football)

A Message from your Technical Director - Kokki

Our TSS(F) motto “Less work for more people” not “More work for Less people.”

TSS(F) is a parent voluntary program that helps support the playing group or on-field team on a weekly basis during the competition season.

You can say “the team” behind “the team”. Parents are given a role that comes with specific responsibilities. These roles can be job shared or taken on individually.

Once all the squads are selected, a TSS(F) workshop is held and all the roles and responsibilities are explained and assigned. I believe, TSS(F) is a critical component to a successful team. We want you to come to a game and enjoy yourself, kick back and watch the game without burden or hassle. All we ask is for parents to help wherever possible and get involved with the jobs at hand so less time is spent doing the work. The more parents get involved the quicker the jobs get done.

What we see over the years is the opposite “more work for less people” ; the burden falls to a few.  

Let’s work closely together in season 2024 and make this the best year ever.

Kind regards

Technical Director


Our Core Club Values

A Message from your Technical Director - Kokki

At schools in particular primary schools that I have visited, the very first thing I notice, is how strongly the presence and how everyone abides by their school values.

It’s visible in their foyers, posters and notices throughout the school, and the teachers keep reminding the students of their importance. Everything is circled around them. It is treated as the highest.

My involvement was to run incursion football programs on behalf of Football Victoria at primary schools all over Victoria. The very first thing the teacher would say to the students is “children, please welcome our guests and let’s show them our school values as they are here to teach you how to play soccer and have fun”. From the minute we started teaching, coaching, the respect the kids game us was amazing and at times overwhelming.

I wanted so much to create this very same environment at our club.

We held a parent workshop and together we formed our own core club values that specifically identifies us.

This was implemented last year. We created posters and a-boards and placed notices around the pavilion and dressing rooms for all to see. We also placed them on our social media streams.

In season 2024, once the squads are finalized, I look forward in meeting up with you all to go over our core club values in a workshop environment and discuss what they mean to us all.

Kind regards

Technical Director