from today we pledge our allegiance to each other "by and act" with unity, understanding, courtesy and politeness.

- we are kind

- its not about the "one" team

- we care about the "next" team

- we work together

- we do not isolate

we do not alienate

we don't accept anyone be harassed, discriminated, intimidated or bullied

- we are fair

- our programs are by design not by accident. They are well thought.

- we are approachable

- we don't hide

the safety of our children is paramount; the same can be said about our support staff & spectaculars

- Never let "winning" cloud or compromise the safety of the child

- Safety before winning

the journey our club is on always in the 1st instance "the safety of the child" then the Childs football development

and in the 2nd instance is the development of our coaches and support staff

We are seeking

- Unselfish people

- Pro active people

- Genuinely and honest people

Its all about he Childs development as a player and person

When we select players to join our club the parents must also be selected, Together they form "one"

To our coaches & support staff

- Its not all about setting up your own environment and not show any consideration to others

- We must stay united and become a tight group - always be courteous and polite

- the children see you as their hero

- never make the game about you, we had our time, its now the time of the child

the journey (the good and the bad)

- when you see your child happy and achieving- these are the moments you cherish and are unforgettable

you silently pause within yourself and thank god for this magic moment.

- when your child is sad because they were was left out of the team completely - you get angry - these are the moments you are tested - shine by acting in the correct manner; follow our policies and procedures, restrain yourself and speak to the club in the correct manner. The club will help you.

from today we pledge our allegiance



Our Fair Play


Our Behavior


Our Disputes


Our Spirit of the Games Policy
Our Zero Tolerance Policy
Statement of Understanding

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Our Agreement

Sign off Sheet

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----------- Important Message -----------

Our core values, club policies and procedures make up our club culture; We value "Team Work"; "Commitment"; "Loyalty"; "Integrity"; "Pride"; "Discipline"; "Comradeship"; and "True effort". It is important to read these documents below before you commit and register with our club.

The documents written below are their to give you an insight of our club and what it truly means to be part of the Oakleigh Cannons FC team. It is imperative to understand we regard 'The player and family" as one; we are all accountable.


About our club

About Safety
Danger: Achilles Heel
Trials & Expectations
What we wish for ...
Its values are strong which help bind us together to form a unity.
Its badge and colors are our tribal imprints.
Together collectively we form one.
“Winning at all costs” must never interfere, cloud or miss-judge our thoughts when it comes to safety. An area of the club where with “one kick” in the right area; the whole structure could crumble.

I’m looking for people who are unselfish, caring and supporting. People who will embrace our club and respect its culture, policies and procedures.

Memorable, inspiring and lots of good stories to tell and that all the players who played and wore our jumper were able to showcase their skills and shined